Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Breastfeeding Plan

My job is to be comfortable and offer my breast. 
My baby’s job is to breastfeed.

Before my baby is born, I will:

  1. Talk about breastfeeding with a woman who liked it.
  2. Watch other women who are breastfeeding.
  3. Go to a class about breastfeeding or childbirth.
  4. Tell everyone in my family that I am breastfeeding.
  5. Find someone to help me with housework for a week after I get home with my new baby.

In the hospital, I will:

  1. Bring someone to be with me in labor.
  2. Tell every nurse, doctor and midwife that I will breastfeed.
  3. Keep my baby skin to skin, next to my heart, as soon as possible after birth.
  4. Watch my baby find my breast and start breastfeeding.
  5. Hold my baby close to see my face. Babies love to look at faces.
  6. Ask for help if I am having trouble breastfeeding.

After my baby is born, I will:

  1. Keep my baby in my room all the time, so I will see when my baby shows me it is time to breastfeed.
  2. Hold my baby as much as possible. Babies want to breastfeed when they can feel and smell their mothers.
  3. Holding my baby skin to skin is best for learning breastfeeding.
  4. Breastfeed! My baby may want to breastfeed 8 to 15 times in 24 hours. I can keep my new baby from turning yellow if I breastfeed this much.
  5. Learn how to squeeze milk out of my breast with my hand. Catch it in a spoon and give it to my baby. 
  6. Try breastfeeding standing up.
  7. Wait 2 weeks before giving my baby any bottles or pacifiers/dummies.
  8. Refuse any formula samples.
  9. Ask for help if I have pain or questions during or after breastfeeding

A healthy term baby:

  1. Wakes up to eat 8 to 15 times in 24 hours
  2. Poops (breastfed baby’s poop is soft or runny) - Black poop for the first 2 days and Green poop for the next 2 days Yellow poop by 5 to 7 days after birth (3 or more poops a day or one diaper full)
  3. Pees as many times as poops (baby may pee and poop in same diaper)
  4. Starts gaining weight after day 4 to 5. Check the naked weight once 2 to 3 days after coming home from the hospital

Sumber : http://www.phila.gov/health/pdfs/MyBreastfeeding_Plan_English.pdf

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